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The Spores

Who? In the studio, the Spores are a Los Angeles-based trio made up of bassist/vocalist Molly McGuire, guitarist Greg Biribauer, and drummer Kenny Pierce. Live, they’re the Preacher, Miss Fishnets, Indyan Summer, Stunbunny, and an assortment of other puppets created by McGuire — the live band’s alter egos that are an integral part of their stage show.

What’s the Deal? From the Goldfrapp-esque title track to the sneeringly funky bass groove that drives “Yum Yum,” the songs on the band’s debut album, Imagine The Future, cover an impressive chunk of the modern music landscape. And “(Don’t) Kill Yourself” is three plus minutes of near-perfect, soft-loud dance rock.

Fun fact: Originally titled “Kill Yourself,” the band added the parenthetical “Don’t” to the title of their first single to avoid any potential legal trouble. MATT TERL

Now Hear This: The Spores – “(Don’t) Kill Yourself” (Download MP3)

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