Shout at the Devil!

Maybe the Apocalypse will begin in a few hours, when the dateline turns over to the sixth day of the sixth month of the (two-thousand-and-) sixth year. But, if not, perhaps the devil is at work in more subtle ways, like through rock’n’roll! While only one truly massive release — AFI’s Decemberunderground — is scheduled for 6.6.06, loads of new records are hitting stores, from seemingly wholesome teen sensations to the soundtrack of the Satan-hyping film, The Omen. Has one of these bands inked a deal in blood for rock superstardom? You decide. VOTE NOW!

AFI, Decemberunderground
The track list for this album is chock full of death references: the debut single is called “Miss Murder,” while other songs include “Kill Caustic” and “Killing Lights.” Evil quotient: 9.1

Artimus Pyledriver, Artimus Pyledriver
The southern band pens songs about hot rods, whiskey, moonshine and “burnin’ up the pavement.” Evil quotient: 6.8

Be Your Own Pet, Be Your Own Pet
Nashville, Tennessee’s teenaged noise rockers release their first full-length. Again, we’ve got young’ns with a major record deal. That doesn’t happen to just anyone. Evil quotient: 5.2

Head Automatica, Popaganda
Ex-Glassjaw singer Daryl Palumbo has fleshed out this band into a brash, glam-rocking brigade. While the music is fun, straight-up rock’n’roll, we wonder if Daryl’s done any deals to enhance his, erm, size (read more). Evil quotient: 6.1

hed (p.e.), Back to Base X
The Huntington Beach, California band plays its own brand of hardcore rap-infused punk. They attribute the frenetic sound of their first EP, Church of Realities, to their use of speed. Evil quotient: 7.3

The Hush Sound, Like Vines
The indie pop quartet is releasing its second album, Like Vines, on Decaydance, the label run by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who promoted the album by holding it over his naked crotch and taking a photo. Dirty! Evil quotient: 7.0

The Omen Original Score
It’s a remake of the 1976 film about a boy that may be the devil incarnate, and the songs from this original score are divided up into tracks like “The Nanny’s Noose,” “Don’t Let Him Kill Me,” and “Altar of Sacrifice.” Evil quotient: 9.4

Smoosh, Free to Stay
Sisters Asya, 14, and Chloe, 12, are young, well-mannered, and very talented for kids their age. But can talent and cuteness alone snag opening dates with Pearl Jam and Death Cab? Makes us go “hmmm.” Evil quotient: 4.3

Sound Team, Movie Monster
Austin, Texas-bred rockers give a slight nod to the day of the devil with the title of their third release, Movie Monster. And they’re from Austin, Texas, former home of a certain world leader often depicted with devilish ties. Evil quotient: 6.5

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