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Sean Ryan, comic books assistant editor

What do you do? “I’m an assistant editor at Marvel Comics. I work specifically within the X-Office where we put out 12 X-Men comics a month. Since everyone who writes, draws, colors, and letters the books doesn’t work in-house, we make sure all parts of the issue come together on time.”

Can you trace your interest in comic books back to something? “I’ve always been interested super heroes, and as a kid, I was really into television shows like ‘Go-Bots,’ ‘Superman,’ ‘Ninja Turtles,’ and ‘X-Men.’ When I was 12, a friend told me they make comics with X-Men in them, and I’ve been reading comics ever since.”

How’d you get started? “I got started by interning at Marvel for a year while studying film at NYU.”

What’s your favorite part of your job? “We have editorial summits where we plan the next year worth of books. It’s great to listen to the creators and editorial staff figure out where the characters are going and how stories might come together.”

What are your future aspirations? “I’d like to write my own stuff — comics, television, whatever. I have a good time making up stories, and while editing them is fun, at the end of the day I’m just working on someone else’s story.”

What do people think when you tell them what you do? “When people hear I work at Marvel, they assume it’s the best, funniest place to work, and Spider-Man is always cruising the halls.”

Are your parents proud? “My parents couldn’t be happier. When my name first appeared in one of the comics, my Mom went to her local comic shop and bought around 10 issues. They love it, but then again, my Mom’s impressed that I can set up a doctor’s appointment for myself.”