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Roses Are Red

Who? Rochester, NY’s Roses Are Red –Vincent Minervino (vocals), Kevin Mahoney (bass) Shaun Murphy (guitar) Tom Zenns (guitar) and Mike Lasaponara (drums) — have become the darlings of and with their sophomore full-length, What Became of Me.

What’s the Deal? Roses Are Red may have earned a slot on 2005’s Warped Tour and this year’s Take Action Tour, but they’re hardly cookie-cutter emo. And while they’re not exactly vets, the quintet come off with the maturity bereft of their angst-filled teen counterparts by trafficking in restrained momentum on anthemic tracks full of building power riffs.

Fun Fact: Vocalist Vincent Minervino received a full scholarship to Newhouse School Of Journalism but turned it down to focus on touring.

Now Hear This: Roses Are Red � “These Days” (Download MP3)

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