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Republican Congressman Forgets Ten Commandments

Appearing on “The Colbert Report,” Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, co-sponsor of a bill that would require the Ten Commandments be displayed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, failed to name more than three Commandments. When host Stephen Colbert asked the Georgia Republican why he supports the bill, Westmoreland said, “Well, the Ten Commandments is not a bad thing for people to understand and to respect,” and added that government buildings are ideal venues for their placement. When asked to name the Commandments, Westmoreland began to answer uncomfortably (“Ummmm. Don’t murder. Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Ummmmm”) before admitting, “I can’t name them all.”

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“Stephen Colbert is hilarious. I love it when people expose their total ignorance, this guy is such a hypocrite.” — loserswinning,

“So how does this make him a hypocrite? If anything it strengthens his case: The Ten Commandments are harder to forget if they’re engraved on a giant plaque in the front of your workplace.” — sxmoenuw,

“Ah, does it warm the heart to see our CongressPersons defending the flag and the Ten Commandments. And, er, what about the Constitution?” — Ron,

“All of a sudden this guy represents the Republican wing of the House of Representatives. Is he an idiot for answering that question? Absolutely. Is it an earth-shattering event, no way in hell.” —

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