Pete Doherty Journals to Be Published

Twenty volumes of Pete Doherty’s journals, including drawings, poetry, photos and film reviews, will be bound together in a hardcover book which will be released in March 2007 by Orion Publishing Group Ltd. Doherty’s journals chronicle his rise from relative anonymity as a young, broke poet serving popcorn in a movie theater, to his rise to fame with the Libertines, to his present well-publicized battles with addiction. “It is intimate, honest stuff, very readable and very funny in places; pretty dark in others,” Orion commissioning editor Ian Preece said of the book.

While Doherty failed to appear at an event at London’s Boogaloo pub Wednesday to announce the publishing deal, he released a statement saying, “I am very happy to have a book coming out with Orion and to share a bookshelf with H.G. Wells, Ian Rankin, and Stan Bowles.”

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