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New Portishead Album Imminent?

It’s been nine years since Portishead released a studio album (1997’s Portishead),but the trio may finally be coming out with some new material. A recentpost on the band’s MySpace page revealed they are coming back. ” We’vehad our meeting with the label; it was really positive…which makesthe whole thing so much easier to deal with nice people,” the postread. “The tracks are in a right mess but sounding like an album forthe first time in years.” The post went on to describe the new tracksas “a bit weird,” and took aim at some artists they’d like to stopbeing compared to: “It’s nice to think us old gits have a few tunes inus without sounding like coffee table Zero 7-Moby-chill out shit!!” Noword on when fans can expect to actually have a new album in theirhands.

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