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New Documentary Cracks History of Drugs

The Drug Years, a documentary covering a 30-year history of drugs and their connection to popular culture, historicizes illicit substances from their counter-cultural connotations of the early ’60s to today, when more than 110 million Americans have tried drugs at least once. The film features exclusive interviews with Jackson Brown, Ray Manzarek, Ice-T, Liz Phair, ?uestlove, Juliette Lewis, among others, and is careful not to take a stand on drug use. “From Haight-Ashbury to getting stoned at Pink Floyd laser shows to Just Say No, everyone is coming to [the film] with different experiences,” director Dana Heinz Perry told “We just state what happened and this is how our culture changed.” The multi-part documentary begins airing on the Sundance Channel on Friday June 16.

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