National Day of Slayer Site Takes Credit for Vandalism

The author of the National Day of Slayer website, which asked Slayer fans to spend 6.6.06 listening to the metal act at full-blast and “spray paint Slayer logos on churches, synagogues or cemeteries” (read more), has taken credit for the desecration of a Catholic seminary in Yonkers, New York. The seminary was covered in phrases associated with Slayer like “Reign in Blood” (the title of the group’s 1986 album) late at night on June 6. The author, who The Journal News revealed is a 31-year-old Wyoming resident who works in the information technology industry, expressed his excitement over the media coverage of “activism” on Tuesday, specifically surrounding the Yonkers seminary. “We are overwhelmed with the response,” he wrote.

The author also intends to make National Day of Slayer an annual event, taking place on June 6.

Talk: Will the “holiday” have the same impact next year when it’s 6.6.07? COMMENT

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