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Metric’s Emily Haines Talks Solo

Emily Haines, Metric’s enigmatic, energetic frontwoman, has taken it down a notch on her debut solo album, Knives Don’t Have Your Back, out September 26. On the 11-track set, Haines veers away from Metric’s method of “taking pretty melancholy themes and putting a lot of energy behind them,” and instead highlights dark themes with strings, horns, and powerful keys. “It’s how people who’ve known me for a long time remember me — as someone who plays the piano,” Haines said. “All this rock’n’roll came after. I thought I should release some of the work since I seem to still do it all the time and feel compelled to do it.”

For the solo album, which Haines has been working on sporadically for the last three years, the singer called on Sparklehorse drummer Scott Minor, Broken Social Scene’s Evan Cranley, and Stars’ Chris Seligman for horns, among others. Haines plans to tour behind the album at some point, with a show already set to take place during Toronto’s film festival. But fret not, Metric fans, this doesn’t signal the end of the band. “It’s just another facet of my life that I have to live,” said Haines. “It’s healthier for the band if everyone keeps doing stuff. Metric is always going to be number one.”

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