Lil’ Kim: Free at Last!

After serving a ten-month jail sentence for committing perjury about the now-famed shooting outside NYC radio station Hot 97 in 2001, Lil’ Kim will be released on Monday, the New York Post reports. While she is still under house arrest for the next 30 days, Kim can continue promoting her latest album, The Naked Truth. Despite her conviction and sentence, the buxom rapper has still managed to have a hit TV series on BET, the aptly titled Lil’ Kim: Countdown to Lockdown, as well as having received a nomination for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at this year’s BET Awards. Clearly, no time was lost in the cell for Kim: The busy bee also started Lil’ Kim Cares, a charitable group that helps to aid homeless and battered women, group homes, and runaway kids.

Talk: Will Lil Kim’s comeback include even tinier outfits, or has the reformed rap Queen been tamed? COMMENT

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