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Lady Sov Goes on Date with Fund-Raising Fan

One month after launching his “Help Me Get Random With Lady Sovereign” website, San Francisco resident and S-O-Veee fan Zach Slow made his dream come true when he took the pint-sized rapper out on a date. Slow launched his site on May 8, appealing to friends and visitors to donate to his goal of raising $10,000 to take Sov out on a date when she arrived in his town for a concert June 9. On May 30, Sov’s manager contacted Slow saying Sov would accept his invitation if he could raise the money. Slow raised the cash and on June 9, he, Sov, and her crew blew through it by riding in a limo and a yacht full of booze. “It was definitely one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had,” Slow wrote in his online journal. “I feel really lucky to have been able to do this.”

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