Keane Album Inspired by ‘Darker Issues’

British trio Keane shocked fans with the new, more lush sound of their sophomore album, Under the Iron Sea, but what’s even more surprising is what inspired the new attitude. The album “concerns much deeper, darker and more personal issues,” drummer Richard Hughes told, “from the demise of our friendship and the onset of insanity on the road, to our country’s place in the world, and our concerns about being part of a generation that is struggling to contribute anything positive.”

Heavy stuff for a band known largely for its soaring, piano-driven ballads, but Keane was determined to make a conscious change on their second outing, which they did, by making the piano mimic a guitar, and adding analog synths. “We could never just go through the motions and make a sequel to our last album,” Hughes said. “It’s an album that asks a lot of questions and pulls no punches.”

Now Watch This:
Keane – “Is It Any Wonder?”

Now Hear This:
Keane – “Is It Any Wonder?”

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