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Jessie Geneva

Who are you? “I’m an eccentric, bipolar, random hippie chick. I love to draw and sing in the shower.”

Who would you like to meet? “EVERYBODY! Especially real people who can hold a conversation.”

Where can we find you? MySpace

She Says: “Love is easy, fallin’ out takes a bit of practice. I’m good at both — without even owning a mattress.”

They Say:

Jordan: “Jessie…omg! My friends rated her ‘the best ass’ in our high school. She’s the one girl that actually cares enough to keep in contact with me while I’m here in Baghdad, Iraq, which goes to show what an awesome women she is. She’s friends with everyone, but every guy I know is still jealous she’s friends with me. She makes me laugh everyday, and God, I could go on and on about how amazing, gifted, beautiful, and talented this girl is.”

Mark: “A beautiful girl with a creative mind — what more could you ask for in a lady?”