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Jessica Rubin, events coordinator

What do you do? “I work as an event coordinator for the L.A. office of Gen Art, a non-profit organization that supports emerging artists in fashion, film, music, and art by helping them achieve the exposure they deserve. My job is part office (garnering member support, planning the nitty gritty of events, and getting vendors paid), part out on the town (scouting out the people, venues, and artists to know and work with), and part the event itself.”

Are there any artists you’ve been particularly thrilled about working with? “Every artist we work with is so wonderfully talented and gracious. We’re helping launch the career of smaller jewelry designers like Nanci Bennett for Sid Vintage and visual artists like Chase and Norton Wisdom. I’d like to see Gen Art start showcasing literary talent, too.”

How did you get started in the field? “I came to Gen Art from the events department at a magazine in New York. I’ve always loved planning events. Granted, it’s not one big party like I initially thought — there’re a lot of heavy boxes to carry. “

What future aspirations do you have? “I’d love to have my own space to expand upon the work I do at Gen Art and create a forum for awesome new talent. Maybe I’ll open a storefront that retails young regional designers with rotating art shows and room for events. Any backers?”

How do people react when you tell them what you do? “People tend to associate Gen Art with an open bar, so naturally they think my job is very glamorous, entertainment-y, and L.A.”

Does it give you an edge romantically when people learn what you do? “There are some artists who I’ve met who think I can make their career. I could have gotten a few dates out of that, I suppose.”