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Isaac Brock’s Lost Ugly Casanova Video

Thanks to the huge success of his main band, Modest Mouse, Isaac Brock’s side-project Ugly Casanova is finally releasing their video for “Things I Don’t Remember” off 2002’s Sharpen Your Teeth. And what do you get for waiting four years to see the clip? An adorable tot digging through play-doh poop. The clip features a little boy who discovers bugs, bowel movements (and their byproducts), and business callings (he sports everything from scrubs to lab coats to Chef Boyardee garb). Backed by vibrant primary colors, the video for this song about failing to remember makes us recall our own formative moments, especially the ones we didn’t realize we forgot in the first place. The video is featured on the recently released Sub Pop DVD compilation, Acquired Taste.

Now Watch This:
Ugly Casanova – “Things I Don’t Remember”
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