Green Day Talks New Album

Not that American Idiot wasn’t an epic project, but GreenDay have declared that their next album will be “an event, not justputting a record out.” “We’ve started to get together and work on abunch of cool projects,” the band wrote in a post on its official site.Billie Joe Armstrong confirmed to MTV News that the band is working onideas and demos for a follow-up to American Idiot. “At thispoint, to put out a record with like 12 songs on it and turn it insounds a bit boring for us,” he said. “So we definitely want to makesomething that is well thought-out and [that] all of our blood is putinto.”

Green Day is also continuing to work on an American Idiot movie. “It’s definitely going to happen,” he said.

Talk: Can Green Day top American Idiot?


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