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Ex-Panic! Bassist Speaks

Last we heard on the departure of Panic! at the Disco bassist Brent Wilson, things were amicable between the former member and the current lineup, but things have since changed. “I was kicked out of the band,” Wilson told MTV News, going on to explain that he has no idea why he was asked to leave or why the firing was done over the phone. “Panic was my life,” he said. “I’m 18 and I thought I had things figured out: I gave up baseball in high school because of this band, and I could’ve gotten a college scholarship.” Wilson’s former bandmates are showing no sympathy for Wilson. “We made the decision based on Brent’s lack of responsibility,” said drummer Spencer Smith, adding the Wilson “did not record one note of bass on the record.”

No word on whether Wilson will seek legal action against the band, but two days after venting to MTV, the rest of Panic! say they’re ready to put it all behind them. “The band is sad that it had to come to this,” their publicist told “[They] would really love to put it behind them and focus on their music and touring.”

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