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Damian Marley Brings ‘One Love’

While Damian Marley’s music has a pronounced vein of reggae funk reminiscent to the movement popularized by his father, he has justly adopted Bob Marley’s fan base and carried on his legend with a modernized feel. Jamaican flags in the audience waved proudly as Marley bounced around the stage with an infectious energy that caused all onlookers to move with him. “His music has an upbeat, hip-hop influence that is geared towards are world today,” self-proclaimed reggae fanatic Adena Dyanzio said. “The world today is different, but the message of ‘one love’ remains the same.”

The message at Beck’s performance on the What Stage was that no matter how many style shifts Beck goes through, his audiences stick with him, as evidence by the crowd jamming to “Devil’s Haircut.” To add to his innovative antics, Beck included a live puppet show where dolls crafted in his likeness played along right behind him. “[It’s] a wall of sound,” said Jordan Bleckner, a long-time fan but first time witness of Beck’s live set. “In all of his music, he’ll have six to seven layers within one song.” KATIE GOLDEN