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Cloudland Canyon

Who? Cloudland Canyon is multi-instrumentalist Simon Wojan and guitarist Kip Uhlhorn, who also plays in Brooklyn-based Panthers and once earned screamo cred with his start-up effort, the Red Scare. The pair’s debut full-length, Requiems der Natur 2002-2004 (which loosely translates to “Nature Chants”), features contributions from the Double’s Jacob Morris, Turing Machine/the Juan MacLean drummer Jerry Fuchs, and Ulhorn’s wife, Kelly Winkler.

What’s the deal? Requiems der Natur takes its name to heart, as it’s full of monastic chants and electronic pulses resembling dripping water, bird chirps, and other backwoods blips. The album has a tribal charm that’s often heavy but always chiming.

Fun Fact: Uhlhorn and Wojan met in Darmstadt, Germaty at a summer course on the music of spheres of Johannes Kelper, prompting the duo to then record 45 minutes of sonic mayhem according to the proportions of Uranus and the earth.

Now Hear This: Cloudland Canyon – “Clearlight Intry” (Download MP3)

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