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Blackpool Lights

Who? When the Get Up Kids disbanded in 2005, guitarist Jim Suptic began concentrating on his other project, Blackpool Lights. With bassist Brian Everard, drummer Billy Brimblecom, and guitarist/vocalist Thom Hoskins in tow, the Kansas City, Missouri-based quartet release their debut, This Town’s Disaster, via Curb Appeal.

What’s the deal? With their simple, melodic chord progressions and saccharine hooks, Blackpool Lights craft guitar-driven power-pop reminiscent of guitarist/vocalist Jim Suptic’s former band, the Get Up Kids. And with emo-heavy lyrics like “I’m watching these blue skies turn to gray / and all these friendships fade away” (“Blue Skies”) and “My world is caving in” (“This Town’s Disaster”), the quartet insist that when life’s its hardest, at least the music can be sweet.

Fun Fact: Blackpool Lights’ name comes from a festival of lights in the seaside town of Blackpool, England that started with a handful of residents and eight arc lamps in 1879. Today, over 130 years later, It has since grown into a 66-day event stretching across six miles of coastline and attracting over 3.5 million visitors annually.

Now Hear This: Blackpool Lights – “Blue Skies” (Download MP3)

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