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Asobi Seksu

Who? Brooklyn-bred Asobi Seksu — featuring Yuki (keys/vocals), James Hanna (guitar/vocals), and Haji (bass) — are releasing their sophomore album, Citrus. Loosely translated from Japanese to English, Asobi Seksu means “playful sex.”

What’s the Deal? The band does right by its name, pairing Yuki’s sweet and girly vocals with lusty guitars that vie for attention over heady atmospherics that recall My Bloody Valentine (a touchstone they willingly acknowledge). The standout track, “New Years” captures that vibe, with Yuki’s voice balanced delicately with gritty guitar riffs, before being upturned by interludes of noise rock.

Fun Fact: A few months ago while parked in Louisiana, Asobi Seksu was suddenly surrounded by local police and accused of having a gun inside their van. One cop put his gun in Yuki’s face and another tackled James to the ground. Each band member was handcuffed and questioned, then eventually released when the fuzz realized there was no gun. They said playful sex, officer, not rough!

Now Hear This: Asobi Seksu – “Nefi+Girly” (Download MP3)

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