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Art Brut Petition for Spot on Top of the Pops

Art Brut has launched an online petition in the hopes of earning a spot performing on the legendary (but about to be taken off the air) BBC show, Top of the Pops. The 42-year-old weekly music-chart show is set to end on July 30 but before it does, Art Brut, who name-check the show on “Bad Weekend,” off their debut album, would like a chance to perform on its stage. “What can I say, the people know best,” guitarist Jasper Future told “If [the petition] works, [frontman] Eddie [Argos] may shut up about Top of the Pops for ten minutes. For this reason alone it is worth signing. Although, I would give my right eye to get on the best music TV show ever. Please sign this.”

As of press time, Art Brut’s online petition, which states simply “We want Art Brut on Top of the Pops before it’s too late,” had 3,940 signatures.

Here’s what some of the undersigned had to say:

No. 67, Camille Acey — “This MUST happen!”

No. 93, Alasdair Brotherston — “They should’ve played eight weeks in a row; I suppose one night might make up for it.”

No. 147, susan bickle — “please put them so they can fulfill their mission statement.”

No. 187, Catherine Gibbard — “Art Brut wrote a song called ‘Top of the Pops.’ I’m pretty sure thats reason enough!”

No. 3696, Emma Pite — “If you claim to champion the newest bands then have Art Brut on Top of The Pops before it’s too late!”

No. 1478, Sophie — “If I come to your house dressed at Mr Argos and dance would that make this decision any easier?”

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