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Another Fatboy Slim Video Classic

Since he’s had Christopher Walken shimmy debonairly and Spike Jonze writhe out convulsive moves for his previous music videos, it comes as no surprise that Fatboy Slim has made another awesomely bizarre clip. The quirky British producer/DJ enlists a professional juggler to sling balls to the four-four beat of the thrillingly fun “That Old Pair of Jeans.” When Slim layers on the gospel flavor with his optimistic one-liners (“Now I find the good and emphasize it”) and with his backup chorus’ soulful “ooohs,” the juggler fittingly lobs his instruments a little higher, never dropping the proverbial ball.

Fatboy Slim’s greatest hits album Why Try Harder hits stores June 20, and a full DVD entitled The Greatest Hits — Why Make Videos will be released on July 18.

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