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Al Gore Making Fun of…Al Gore

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (read more), a documentary on the disastrous effects of global warming, gets a funny makeover starring Futurama‘s Bender courtesy of animation whizzes at Rough Draft. In this spoof of the trailer for Gore’s documentary, Futurama‘s misanthropic robot irks Gore during his attempts to describe the present environmental crisis. Global warming produces a “deadly smog ball that chokes out all human life,” the cartoon Gore says, to which Bender responds, “Good! More beer for robots!” Bender even gets the animated Gore to admit he plays “a street-wise pimp with a hybrid pimp-mobile” before beating the metallic robot, throwing him in a trash can, and kindly reminding viewers to recycle.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“Al Gore is animated telling us all about his new movie about the environment while Bender heckles in the background, at least he does until Gore takes a rather un-ex-vice-presidential bat to his ass. heh.” —

“Al Gore + Futurama…a winning combination!” — thetrepanator,

“A hybrid pimp-mobile. LOL! Can’t you see him and Clinton cruising around in one of those while not inhaling?” — Rae Ann,

“This situation is not funny. Al Gore is right, and this clip is only proving that there are many ignorant people out there. This clip’s only making fun of the average American and how ignorant he/she is. It’s really sad that the average person knows nothing about global warming when it’s already causing chaos in parts of the earth.” — yagami9,

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