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X-Men Smashes Box Office Records

X-Men: The Last Stand debuted at No. 1 at the box office this weekend, breaking the record for the biggest Memorial Day opening in history. The comic book adaptation, which stars Halle Berry as Storm and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, pulled in more than $120 million over the four-day weekend, topping Shrek 2 which earned $96 million in 2004.

The stupendous first week showing set the blogosphere alight!

“The film was huge fun to watch and totally made up for the money I wasted on The DaVinci Code last week…. The flick delivered some of the visual thrills that I’ve been waiting to see ever since they announced the first movie.” — Phil Gee, The Movie Blog

“Not as good as its predecessors, but good enough to have a good time. Furthermore, they did not close the doors at the end. They leave a lot of room for sequels and if not prequels.” — PhoenixP3K, The Movie Blog

“Nothing like the comics or the cartoons; neither of the three movies were anywhere close…. If I never knew or heard of X-Men before…I would find the movies entertaining.” — SerieuX, X-Men MySpace forum

“For all the people saying that the movie was a mess…GO TO HELL!! If the movie was a mess, then how come it earned 120.1 MILLION DOLLARS in just FOUR DAYS??” — Remy Lebeau, X-Men MySpace forum

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