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Unlikely Band Wins Eurovision Song Contest

Who are the Finnish metal monsters that won Europe's hokiest song contest this weekend?

Seemingly against all odds, Finnish metal band Lordi took home the top prize at the notoriously rinky-dink Eurovision song contest, held in Athens, Greece, this past weekend. The winning song, “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” beat out entries from Russia, Bosnia, Romania, and Sweden for the prize.

Lordi hail from Rovaniemi, a small city of just under 60,000 in Lapland, Finland’s northernmost province. Each band member — Mr. Lordi, Amen, Ox, Awa, and Kita — dons a unique, elaborate monster outfit anytime they appear in public (although a German tabloid claims to have an unmasked photo of frontman Mr. Lordi).

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Check out the video for “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (via YouTube):

On the Web: Lordi official site

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