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Spin Launches Converse’s Spring Collection

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the most iconic items in the past century. Spin invited friends to preview Converse’s spring line at NYC’s Classic Kicks, and DJ Josh Madden (Made Clothing) kept the tunes bumping between cold sips of Newcastle Brown Ale.

Photos by Owen Fegan

We Asked: What was your first pair of Converse like?

Name: Brandon Reilly
Age: 25
Occupation: Musician
Hometown: Long Island, New York
“I got my first pair before I was able to speak. To this day I’m speechless.”

Name: Erin Merrill
Age: 22
Occupation: Writer
Hometown: Dover, Maine
“I had black Converse with white laces that I got in the fifth grade. I left them plain on the outside.”

Name: Anoma Whittaker
Age: 30
Occupation: Fashion editor
Hometown: London
“A lot of ballpoint ink went on them while I should have been studying.”

Name: Ryan McWilliams
Age: 24
Occupation: Writer
Hometown: Herndon, Virginia
“I stole them from my ex-boyfriend eight years ago, and I still have them. I wear them to paint.”

Name: Jessica Gardner
Age: 26
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Los Angeles
“I still have them. They’re blue canvas low tops. I got them when I was 13. They still have daisies drawn on them, and blood from when I skinned my knees.”