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Sandy Young

Who are you? “I’m not just another hottie, I am also in a signed rock band (Sundae Crush) that I sing lead vox and play guitar in!”

Who would you like to meet? “I am a people person. I’m very outgoing and I love meeting all kinds of people. I’m sure a few other musicians would be up there on my list.”

Where can we find you? MySpace

She Says: “I’m a hard worker, I know what I want, and I have a lot of drive. I don’t give up on dreams and goals. Also, it ain’t easy being pretty, and it ain’t pretty being easy.”

They Say:

Adam Rivera: Sandy is good at achieving greatness in all she does, reaching for the stars and becoming one herself. She shakes, she moves, and she has her hand in a little of everything. In our band, Sandy’s vocals are, in a word, sexy. In a few other words: Awesome, driving, powerful, and spot on.

AB: Miss Sandy: She’s trouble, trouble like Joan Jett during “Bad Reputation.” Seriously. When I heard a few songs while she and her band were recording, I was thinking that this girl has chops and can shake it up. I’m telling you, TROUBLE!