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Paris Hilton Single in the Works

Paris Hilton’s been hard at work recording her forthcoming debut. She’s already got an album’s worth of material, but Hilton just went back in the studio to record with producer J.R. Rotem (who is also working on Britney Spears’ new project).

“It’s an uptempo, very fun, high energy track,” Rotem told of the new song. “It’s got a surprise musical element that I can’t talk about yet, but it’s something that everyone will recognize and go, ‘Wow, okay, that’s cool.'”

Not only is the track cool, but, according to Rotem, so is Paris herself. “She was great, a real pleasure,” he said. “She came into the studio very well prepared. She gets behind the mic and sounds great and her tone and delivery are great. There’s a lot of personality and sassiness in her voice. She’s very fun to work with.”

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