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Natalie Batton

Who are you? “I’m VERY out-going and out-spoken, and I love to have fun and be around friends. Work hard, play hard; party, drink ‘n have a good ole’ time.”

Where can we find you? MySpace

Who would you like to meet? “People with the similar interests as me, people with good hearts and no baggage or drama. People who love to have fun, get crazy, and don’t give a shit.”

She Says: “In others, I look for personality, good style, and hot hair — or decent hair so I can make ’em look HOT!”

They Say:

I GET MORE ASS THAN A TOILET SEAT!!: “The infamous Natalie! Well, she loves scene bros, but only if they have more tattoos than her. She can be the nicest person on earth or the biggest bitch EVER (but not to me). She has a passion for make-up and putting bangin’ outfits together. When we get wasted together, whoever comes in our path WILL get stepped on. I heard from many many many men she’s crazy in bed too. And, I have made out with her.”

stonEy Phillips: “Natalie’s a fun party girl with a big heart; she’s beautiful.”