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Maritime, ‘We, the Vehicles’ (Flameshovel)

Maritime, stocked with two former Promise Ringers and the bassist from now-defunct Dismemberment Plan, are a testament to emo’s longevity: for every two emo outfits that disband, at least another one forms. You’d never know it from singer Davey von Bohlen’s honeyed croon on his band’s delicately poppy sophomore album, but this Milwaukee-based trio seem to think odds aren’t in their favor. In “People, the Vehicles,” they conflate girls with undertakers and deliver dead-ducked lines: “Everybody here / will always disappear / we are helpless on our hands and buckled knees.” Plus, with song titles like “Tearing Up the Oxygen” and “No One Will Remember You Tonight,” it becomes apparent how concerned they are with fading vitality. Sure, emo bands cry over their myriad problems all the time, many of which are delivered either as mopey confessionals or with Gerard Way-ian gothenticity, but rarely are they so post-apocalyptic.