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Man Campaigns for Date with Lady Sovereign

Remember when you were little and you daydreamed about getting a date with your favorite pop star? San Francisco resident Zach Slow is trying to live the dream, and he needs your help. Lady Sovereign is coming to his home city on June 9, and Slow is aiming to raise $10,000 to take her on the perfect date after her show. Since he launched it his campaign on May 8, his site has been visited by 17,904 people, and he’s raised a total of $616.48. Sov’s publicist did not return calls for comment.

Here’s what Zach’s readers had to say on his site:

“Shit is ill, yo. Straight up ill na na. I hope you make like ten G easy sleazy and give Ms. Sov the time of her life, you dig?” — Snerko

“You’re not a stalker…and you’re not good with relationships…hmm, sounds like the making of a hot date.” — Stephanie

“Wow, someone actually has time dedicated to such a funny/weird/yet interesting thingy. I’m not even sure what to call this except for providing oneself with their own reality show. Instead of Flava of Love there will be Playa of Zach.” — Gabriella

“Zach, I think you should write Chicken Soup for the Playah’s Soul. I love that you did this!” — Adrien

“Have you talked to her??? Does she know about this site?? Hope you get your wish and this doesn’t freak her out!!” — Cyn L

“Zach Slow dumped me for Lady Sov.” — Bigtglanz

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