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Madonna: Live in L.A.

Madonna kicked off her world tour in Los Angeles this week, and it’s another jaw-dropping spectacle with multiple set changes, radical costumes, and video projections. But Madonna’s fans are buzzing online about one particular topic: A segment of the show in which the singer is strapped to a giant cross.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“I was drenched with sweat after. A great set of music! Literally, she gets hard rock on ‘Ray of Light’!” — santiaguz,

“Well at least she’s not faux masturbating on a bed with men rubbing her all over!!!! I’m puzzled by the cross and crown of thorns? Her point being, what, I wonder?” — Swanstar1,

“I am sick and tired of that bitch knocking the church…I will not spend one dime for her…the latest insult with her arriving on a cross just did it for me.” — Jan,

“I think it’s going to upset people to the point of it being dangerous. No one better shoot her. I’ll be pissed.” — Touch Me I’m Dying,

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