Who? The Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc joins his younger brothers — Mr. Ball and Da Birthday Boy — in this new hip-hop trio from East Atlanta.

What’s the Deal? Da Muzicianz mint hot new club bangers on their self-titled debut. It’s steamy tales of ATL nightlife, particularly on the suggestive “Camera Phone,” where the trio urges young ladies to “shake somethin’ for the camera phone.” Fans of the Ying Yang Twins’ bass-heavy crunk will easily find the groove, but Da Muzicianz’s sing-song vocal hooks set them apart in the Dirty South.

Fun Facts: The packaging for the album is a subtle but endearing homage to the 1988 Spike Lee film School Daze, a hilarious look at black fraternities in the ’80s. Next time you watch the movie, keep Da Muzicianz liner notes handy!

Now Hear This: Da Muzicianz – “Crazy Man” (MP3)

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On the Web: Da Muzicianz official site


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