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Costume Party!

I’m always buying my wife sexy costumes. I’m dying for her to dress up and role play with me, but she assumes that it’s because I’m not satisfied with her and I want to be with someone else. What do you suggest? Halloween Lover, New York, NY

Joanna Angel: What kind of costumes are you buying your wife that are making her upset? Are you bringing home one of those chintzy Elvira costumes that comes in a bag and never fits? Or are you buying her the token I Dream of Jeannie get-up with the see-through poofy pants? If there is one thing men are universally bad at, it’s shopping.

So, instead of buying costumes for your wife, give her the credit card and let her pick out the costume she wants while you do something you’re good at (I suggest getting the oil changed). I guarantee she will get more excited about dressing up if she picks the clothes out herself.

Dr. Vranich: Find a costume that appeals to a different side of her (like Catwoman) rather than something that feels totally alien (like a French maid). Also, get out of the Halloween aisle at Ricky’s and hit up a high-end boutique.

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