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Controlling the Famous

Lacking the pretension, ego, and predilection for eyeliner of some of their nouveau emo peers, Los Angeles’ Controlling the Famous are as genuine as they come. Coming from a segment of the music landscape that often leans on image as heavy as Pete Doherty leans on smack, nothing about this band, save for maybe their age, easily fits the scene.

Automatic City, the quartet’s debut full-length, echoes with true passion and a sense of brutal honesty in both the guitar-driven instrumentals and singer/guitarist Max Hellmann’s lyrics. Playing their guitars with piano-like, almost dance-inclined rhythms, Controlling the Famous, which signed to California indie label the Militia Group last year, craft immediately lovable songs that deftly worm their way into your skull without the use of cheap pop hooks. “Two Sides” is particularly relatable, with urgent lyrics like “I need a smile on my face, a car to drive, someone in shotgun by my side,” but ultimately it’s seriously difficult to pick a favorite. It’s rare to find an album where every song is the standout track, but on Automatic City Controlling the Famous presents ten songs that are equally exceptional.

Controlling the Famous tour dates:

5/12, Joplin, MO (The Foundry) 5/13, Amarillo, TX (The Refuge)5/14, Albuquerque, NM (The Launchpad)5/15, Phoenix, AZ (One Place)5/16, Chula Vista, CA (Chula Vista Skate Park)5/20, Echo Park, CA (Sea Level Records, In-Store Release Party)5/22, Echo Park, CA (The Echo)5/27, Hollywood, CA (Knitting Factory)6/14, Bloomington, IN (Coffee Nation)6/15, DeKalb, IL (The House Caf�)

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