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Clay Aiken’s New Hair

Clay Aiken, the Season Two runner-up of American Idol, sported a new look when he appeared on the Season Five finale last Wednesday (May 24). The highlighted and heavily gelled spiked look that had become Aiken’s trademark was replaced with a brunette Beatles-esque cut. The shaggy new ‘do comes amidst swirling rumors regarding Clay’s sexuality, including a reported romance with his now-ex stylist, John Dahlston, a passionate affair with army ranger John Paulus, and even a dalliance with an unidentified male prostitute.

According to publicist Roger Widynowski, there is “no connection” between the new look and the rumors, and that it was simply time for a change. “Every artist changes with time,” says Widynowski. The unveiling of the new Clay on Idol‘s finale, watched by 36 million viewers, coincided with his new album, which is due for release in fall of this year. His third album will consist entirely of love songs, both covers and some of Aiken’s own.

Here’s what the blogs are saying:

“Clay Aiken has emerged with a new look that has ‘Claymates’ all over the world roiling with glee.” — Vizuble

“I realize he’s probably gay and I’m a straight woman. I realize his hair looked odd. I realize he is not what one would call a traditionally good-looking man. But Lord, when Clay sings like that, it makes me want to birth his babies. I’m not cool with that.” — The Big Dawg

“Clay is hot; he looks like the hot dude actor/model Edward Furlong from Terminator: Judgment Day.” — The Definitive Word

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