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Candy Bars

Who? This Tampa threesome features keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Daniel Martinez, balmy percussion of drummer Ryan Hastings, and lulling cello undertow swept by Melissa Castellano on their full-length debut.

What’s the Deal? Candy Bars play Broken Social Scene-inspired balladic lo-fi. Whether they’re brewing breezy contemplations about butterflies and brown bears (“Enough to Choke a Cold Air” | MP3) or entertaining more self-defeating motifs (“The Birthday Song” finds Martinez cleaning his fingernails just to bite them off), they deliver each track with the same bucolic whimsy.

Fun Facts: Some call employment at the Guitar Center a day job; Candy Bars call it their catalyst. Martinez and Hastings met while working there and recruited former-customer Castellano to help them rock Tampa’s open-mic circuit.

Now Hear This: “Violets” (MP3) | “Enough to Choke a Cold Air” (MP3)

On the Web: Candy Bars official site

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