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Bryce Freeman

Who are you? “I am a businessman, a musician (bassist in Street to Nowhere), and a lunatic all wrapped in one. I am still looking to find the thing that makes me happy, and I could never do a 9-5 job. Music is my life and my passion. I have to be different.”

Where we can find you? MySpace

Who would you like to meet? “I would like to meet someone who can put up with my crazy antics and my passion for being on the road. Someone who can just be chill and can kick it with my friends even if I’m not there. This someone definitely needs to be into music!”

He Says: “I will leave people behind if they can’t hang, so move quickly or you might miss me!”

They Say:

Josh: “Bryce is the man! Just don’t ask him for a commitment if you are a lady!!! Watch out for this self-proclaimed ‘man-whore’ and his ‘bass hands.’ On the real, though, he is a good guy and a shitload of fun to hang with.”

Noelle: “Bryce is one ridiculously good-looking fellow. If any girl saw this guy shred the bass on stage, she would instantly fall in love with him. And beyond his boyish good looks and undeniable charm is one talented man. I say ‘man’ because Bryce Freeman is no boy. No no, this man has built his own production company from the ground p, toured the States and Europe, and has built so many connections his Blackberry is about to melt in two. Speaking of Blackberry phones, it’s quite amusing trying to watch Bryce type emails on those tiny buttons since he has really big fingers…meant for bass playing, of course!”