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Britney Spears: “Unfit Mother”?

Here’s the “highlights.” Yay!

“Okay, we’re just going to tell you. You’re an adult, we think you can handle it. Okay, here we go. The thing is… Britney Spears? Maybe not the world’s best mother.” — Gawker

“You know, it must genuinely be real tough living under such public scrutiny. But, Britney Spears lives her life in a microscope, where all her seemingly bad parenting appears even worse!” — Perez Hilton

“Call us bleeding hearts, we were just thrilled he wasn’t bungee’d to a snowboard rack.” — Defamer

“She’s got minimal talent and her taste in men is questionable, but I think the whole Britney Spears/no car seat/bad mother theme is getting a little overplayed. On this occasion the story is not even a story – she did nothing wrong, and nobody says otherwise!” — My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

“Why do they let this woman drive? Every time she gets in a car with her baby something goes awry. Britney Spears, wearing soup can curlers, thought it would be a good idea to take Sean Preston for a ride in her new Mini Cooper convertible.” — Pink is the New Blog

“If I may don my child advocacy hat for a moment: It is true that in the state of California, the law does not state that a child under twenty pounds must be in a rear-facing car seat. But you know what? Do it anyway. And put them to sleep on their backs while you’re at it. Without blankets. Living babies may be annoying, but dead babies are just gross.” — Shakespeare’s Sister

Talk: Is Britney a bad mom? Or is it kind of, well, none of anyone’s business? You decide! COMMENT

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