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Britney Retracts Ominous Poem

Britney Spears posted a bitter poem on her official website last weekend that described feeling chained down, manipulated, and “naive.” Posted on Saturday, May 20, after a week of heightened media scrutiny of Spears’ parenting skills, the poem was taken down hours later with no explanation. Fan sites have speculated the emotional note might be directed at Britney’s hubby, Kevin Federline, who stayed in Los Angeles while Spears traveled to New York last week.

Britney’s poem (text via U.K.’s Sun):

No more chains
That you gave me.
Enough of pain
Now I’m craving
Something sweet, so delight
How do you stand sleeping at night?

Silly patterns that we follow
You pull me in
I’m being swallowed.
By the ones you think you love
They pull you down
You can’t see up above.

Manipulation is the key
They screw it in
Because you’re naive.

You come to me now
Why do you bother?
Remember the Bible
The sins of the Father.
What you do
You pass down
No wonder why
I lost my crown.

You don’t see me now
You ask yourself why
My crown is back
And it’s way too high
For you to be in my presence
Especially my son
You should bow down
I’ve only just begun.

The guilt you fed me
Made me weak.
The voodoo you did
I couldn’t speak.

You’re awakening
The phone is ringing.
Resurrection of my soul
The fear I’m bringing.

What will you say
And what will you do?
She’s not the same person that you’re used to.

You trick me one, twice, now it’s three.
Look who’s smiling now
Damn, it’s good to be me!

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