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Witnesses: Proof Shot First

Detroit police received new information Wednesday (April 12) regarding the shootout that led to the death of D-12 rapper, Proof, and they have reported that it was Proof who fired the first bullet.

Also on Wednesday, Mario Etheridge, a suspect in the case, turned himself over to police, according to the Associated Press. Etheridge, 28, is the cousin of the second victim, Keith Bender, who was critically injured in the shootout when he suffered a bullet wound to the head.

Randall Upshaw, Etheridge’s attorney, told reporters his client “came in because the Detroit Police Department asked him to,” according to the AP. “Does that sound like a murderer?” he added.

Investigators are now reporting that Proof was fired at after he pistol-whipped and shot Bender during an altercation at the Detroit club CCC at around 4;30 A.M. on Tuesday. Proof suffered three gunshot wounds to the head and chest, and he was pronounced dead on arrival at an outpatient center near the club. Upshaw says witnesses are reporting that it was Proof who shot Bender.

“The understanding of every witness we’ve spoken to is that Proof pulled out a weapon,” he said. “Proof shot Keith in the face and Keith was unarmed.”

If that is the case, and the shooter fired on Proof in self-defense, the shooter will not be charged, police said.

Upshaw is not saying whether or not his client shot Proof.

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