Parental advisory stickers were made for acts like this.

Packing enough raunchy rhymes to make the Ying Yang Twins look like Evan and Jaron, Spank Rock MC Naeem Juwan perches like a king on his throne, spitting rhymes about sex, drugs, and…more sex. “I had one on the futon / One in the shower / Two in the back seat / Three this past hour,” he rhymes on “Touch Me,” which also features moans, shrieks, and vocals by the Tropical Girls. And that’s tame compared to the rest of the Philadelphia-based duo’s debut.

Baltimore-bred Juwan and his partner in Spank Rock, producer Armani XXXChange (Alex Epton), culled their inspiration from the sounds of their local clubs, including the B’more club style. On their Big Dada debut, YoYoYoYoYo, Spank Rock doesn’t bother with introductions: Debaucherous lyrics come fast and furious, backed by funky electro-beats, computer bleeps, and video game-inspired sounds. Juwan slings raw, deliciously filthy rhymes about an “ass shaking competition champ” (“Back Yard Betty”), tapping that ass (“Sweet Talk”), and chicks wanting him for his snow report (“Coke and Wet”).

Juwan even offers up a Baz Luhrmann-esque mantra on “Competition”: “Strip down to your underwear / Let yourself go.”

Spank Rock tour dates: 4/21, Kansas, MI (The Record Bar) 4/22, Denton, TX (Hailey’s)4/23, Austin, TX (Emo’s)4/24, Houston, TX (1415 California St.)4/26, Atlanta, GA (The Drunken Unicorn)4/27, Baltimore, MD (Ottobar)4/29, New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)4/30, Boston, MA (Middle East Upstairs)

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