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Snoop Bailed, Banned from Brit Airways

Violent disorder was the case that they gave him, but Snoop Dogg has been released on bail.

The rapper was detained overnight in a London jail Wednesday (April 27) night and was released on bail on Thursday after he and five members of his entourage were arrested for starting a melee at London’s Heathrow Airport.

“Snoop has been released on bail,” his attorney, Peter Binning, told The Associated Press. “He will return at a later date.” Binning further added that Snoop has not been charged with any offense and would not divulge the amount of money posted for his release. He is, however, banned from ever flying British Airways, as are the other five men with whom he was arrested.

The melee, which left seven police officers injured, began when Snoop and his posse were declined entry into British Airways’ first-class lounge. After the group became violent, they were told they would not be allowed to travel at all. Several of the men began to push police officers in protest and were arrested on charges of creating a disturbance.

Snoop and his entourage were heading to Johannesburg, South Africa where Snoop was set to perform Thursday. The concert will be rescheduled, but Snoop will make it to his other weekend shows as planned.

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