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Pete Doherty Sentenced to Community Service

With the British court system’s blessing, disaster area Pete Doherty may be spending the next two years building playgrounds, picking up trash, or hanging with grandma in the nursing home.

In lieu of jail time for his myriad drug charges, the Babyshambles singer was sentenced to community service with two years supervision and an 18-month drug rehabilitation program, and has been banned from driving for six months, according to If Doherty fails to comply with any aspect of this sentence, however, he could end up behind bars.

Doherty was sentenced this morning at Thames Magistrates’ Court after admitting to seven counts of drug possession. The singer avoided jail because the judge sympathized with his efforts to get clean.

“It’s going to be a long and slow process,” Judge Jane McIvor said in court, “but you are showing significant signs of compliance and effort.”

A “long and slow process” may be an understatement. Doherty has pleaded guilty to possessing heroine, crack cocaine, and marijuana when he was arrested in London on December 18 and then again on January 14.

Doherty will appear in court again on May 12 so the judge can check in on his rehabilitation process.

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