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Pete Doherty Arrested Again, Released on Bail

We trust that by now you can already formulate your own “Pete Doherty is a train wreck” joke.

Just hours after the Babyshambles singer was sentenced to community service, drug rehab, and suspension from driving yesterday (April 20), he was arrested for suspected drug possession. He was released on bail this morning.

While Doherty’s constant arrests have become fodder for media outlets on both sides of the pond, the embattled artist sounded less than amused as he left a police station where he was kept overnight. “I feel like smacking you in the face, mate,” he said to the throng of reporters waiting to get the scoop. “Stay away from me.”

The singer was detained in a car in east London after receiving his sentence of two years probation, 18 months of drug rehab, and a six-month driving ban for admitting to seven counts of drug possession.

Judge Jane McIvor did say yesterday that Doherty’s rehabilitation process would be a “long, slow process,” and following last night’s incident, that seems fairly accurate.

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