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Eminem, Wife Kim Divorcing Again

Maybe those years of singing about torturing, kidnapping, and killing your ex-wife should have been a sign that a re-marriage might not work.

Unfortunately for Eminem, he lost himself in the moment and ended up re-marrying Kim Mathers, only to have his publicist announce their impending divorce three months later.

“I can confirm the divorce papers have been filed,” Dennis Dennehy, publicist for Interscope/Geffen Records told Reuters. “Beyond that we have no comment.”

Em and Kim divorced for the first time in 2001 after a two-year marriage, then became embattled in a custody battle over daughter Hailie. In January, they reconciled, getting hitched on January 14.

Still no word on Em’s rumored retirement, but if his last releases were any indication, this short-lived marriage could provide at least an album’s worth of material.

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