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Clap Your Hands Ready New Release

D.I.Y. darlings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are hoping to release their sophomore release in late fall or early winter, and no, they still don’t want a record deal, thank you very much.

The band have finished writing material for the as-yet-untitled set and have been road-testing some of the songs. They’ve made no plans to choose a label to call home, though they are signed to Wichita/V2 in Europe. Whether they sign here or not “remains to be seen,” guitarist/keyboardist Lee Sargent told

“We’re holding on to this record for a bunch of reasons,” he continued. “It’s not a matter of creative control. It’s become pretty clear that we’ll always have that. We would just like to maintain our release schedule [and] decide what we want to put out there [or] not.”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah official site

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