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Tweens Suspended for MySpace Vendetta

MySpace: great for musicians, fun for music fans, pretty swell for dating. It’s not, however, the best place to petition your fellow students to gang up on — and promise to take violent action against — another student.

A Costa Mesa, CA middle school student, however, is facing expulsion for doing just that, according to the Associated Press. Twenty of his classmates have also been suspended just for viewing an allegedly violent posting from that student.

Parents of some of the suspended students have told the AP that their children received invites to join a MySpace group labeled “I Hate [girl’s name],” and had no idea that the group leader would ask members to threaten the girl. The invite also included an expletive as well as an anti-Semitic comment.

Once they joined, the new group members received a message directing them to a folder with a posting that allegedly asked “Who in here the [group name] wants to take a shotgun and blast her in the head over a thousand times?”

Police are investigating the student’s comments about his peer as a potential hate crime.

The lesson? Careful where you click.

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